Credentials and Why They Are Important


One of the main things a customer needs to know is that the credentials do make a difference.  By choosing a high paying or low cost recycler, customers can expose themselves to the liability of an environmental cleanup and/or the expense of defending themselves against an environmental liability.  Recyclers without the appropriate credentials may not be able to show customers certified processing of their material, worse they may simply be selling or dumping that liability onto another recycler who has no credentials with no process and inadequate or no protection for its customers.

HOWCO believes the only way to protect against these types of liabilities is to be sure you use recyclers who are certified, have credentials, legitimate processing, insurance and guarantee the customer that everything is done properly.

  • HOWCO has certified processing from start to finish.
  • HOWCO is an approved recycler by the EPA and DEP with our recycling and processing services.
  • HOWCO has comprehensive insurance coverage for our clients protecting their interest.
  • HOWCO has been protecting its customers for over 44 years.
  • HOWCO is an American and Florida based company built, owned and operated by the same owner and has served the local economy since its inception over 44 years ago.

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