Petroleum Contaminated Absorbents

Petroleum contaminated absorbents are becoming a growing and challenging waste stream. Most of this waste is shipped to landfills, where it can be scrutinized for future liability.

HOWCO takes a different approach. Depending on the absorbent type and the petroleum product it is contaminated with, HOWCO can reclaim these recyclable petroleum products from the absorbents. Rather than landfill these processed absorbents, HOWCO disposes a majority of this waste through local WTE (Waste to Energy) facilities that can then recycle the waste into reusable energy.

Contact us about our absorbent collection programs at 1-800-435-8467 The Pinellas County WTE facility processes about one million tons of garbage every year. The process can produce up to 75 megawatts (MW) per hour of electricity. This electricity powers approximately 45,000 homes and businesses every day.