Aerosol can disposal program

HOWCO has assisted companies to reduce their costs and hazardous wastes by offering an Aerosol Can Disposal program that allows them to dispose of aerosol cans and their residual liquids. You can use all or just part of the system allowing you to custom tailor it to your business needs.

Product Description

  • Angled pin ensures a clean puncture; punctured cans have no sharp, jagged edges or crushed metal
  • Two-piece coalescing filter/carbon cartridge captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs’ colormetric indicator tells you exactly when to change the filter/cartridge with no guesswork
  • Unit mounts easily in the 2″ bung of a 30-55 gallon drum; residual liquids drain into collection drum
  • System works with domed mini, standard and jumbo aerosol cans; 1 – grounding wire