Used Oil Collection and Recycling Services

HOWCO has been giving premier service to the State of Florida for over 44 years.

Contact HOWCO if you want dependable service from the highest quality company in the industry for your used oil management and associate liabilities. HOWCO is your one stop service vendor for the collection of oil, oil filters, oily water, antifreeze, sludge and absorbents. HOWCO manages your waste streams according to your individual generator status requirements and only uses the latest cutting-edge technology in treating your waste streams.

Why wait? Contact us about our Used Oil Recycling Services to get the top price and best service in the industry at 1-800-435-8467.

Our trucks are equipped with state of the art electronic gauges to ensure accurate gallon counts!

Our vehicles are specifically designed for the collection of oily wastes, with multiple compartments to separate liquids wastes. One stop does it all. There is no need to send several trucks back to pick up different liquid waste streams or to collect drummed materials. Our vehicles can pick up your drummed waste while we are collecting your liquid waste streams. Saving time, money and not disrupting your business operations.