What Makes Howco The Best Choice?

You have many environmental services companies to choose from, so why choose HOWCO? In today’s world of continuously changing environmental rules, regulations and government control, you must rely on a professional company to know and understand how to manage your company’s waste streams. One missed step, one missing document, or just not knowing the regulations, can lead to a world of legal headaches, government fines and more. HOWCO has been in the business since 1975, building our company during the inception of these rules and regulations and we have been helping customers understand the complexities, and compliance issues, with these regulations ever since. We can help you too.

HOWCO meets and complies with the highest standards of the industry. We are fully permitted by the EPA (federal), FDEP (state) Department of Health (county) the US Coast Guard, city (local), and government agencies. We have a Certified Chemist on site to insure quality controls and assurance to these strict rules and regulations. HOWCO is a member of several trade associations, attends and works with the regulation compliance workshops. We know the rules and regulations, inside out. Let us put our knowledge and experiences to work for you.

Ok, so what else sets HOWCO apart from its competitors?

Documentation and Record Keeping.

Choosing HOWCO to manage your waste streams assures you of the highest protection possible. As a generator of a ‘regulated waste’, recycled or not, regardless of who picks up the materials, requires Cradle–to–Grave responsibility and liability, from you, the generator; HOWCO can help. Our record keeping is fully computerized and automated. Everything, from your manifests, waste profiles, and annual reporting is documented in our customized industry specific software. Our drivers are equipped with handheld computer devices and printers, which provides you with the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency; and furnishes you with a point of sale invoice at the time of collection which documents and records your compliance with the regulations.

What else?

HOWCO’s facilities were built with the regulations in mind. All loading and unloading areas have secondary containment and are covered to protect them from storm water and ground water contamination. All containment areas are sealed with a FDEP state approved sealer. All storage tanks are Howco Facility monitored daily and reported on monthly. All of our drivers have portable halogens testing devices to insure compliance with the used oil rules.